Ebrina (1984) will be joining our clinic as a masseuse from December 2020. Why add a masseuse to our acupuncture team? Well, that's very simple: our massages are the perfect addition to your acupuncture sessions. Our massages are not only a relaxing treat, they are much more than that!

Our specialized massages help to restore your hormonal balance. How does that work? If your body holds a lot of tension, your HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-Adrenal) axis will be overworked. This then suppresses your HPO (Hypothalamus-pituitary-Ovary) axis, i.e. your brain is no longer communicating optimally with your ovaries and uterus, which can cause your hormones to become very unbalanced. By addressing specific areas where your body stores these stresses, you can achieve a deep relaxation and that ensures a healthier, fitter and better hormonally balanced body.

We have developed a number of signature massages with special blends of essential oils that combine the best of East and West, making these sessions a real treat.


All massage treatments last 75' to get optimal results.


Massage Menu:

Deep Relax

Long strokes with extra attention to sore and sensitive muscles bring your body into a deep relaxation. It promotes extra blood circulation and oxygen supply to those areas, while toxic waste is disposed. Your body can start to heal in a profound way.

Anxiety Release

Anxiety and stress affect us more than we want. It causes tension to be stored in our face, sternum and hips. Ebrina uses specially designed essential oil blends that bring peace to your troubled mind. This massage is extremely suitable if you find yourself worrying a lot, have poor sleep or if you experience a lot of anxiety.  

Hormonal Balance Yin / Hormonal Balance Yang

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we divide the menstrual cycle into a yin (follicular) and yang (luteal) phase. The yin energy is a more cooling, nourishing and moistening energy that supports healthy endometrium and follicle growth. In Biomedicine this correlates with functions of estrogen. The yang phase is marked by an upward, warming movement, which is expressed in good progesterone levels. Sometimes your body can use some extra support to restore this balance.

During this wonderfull relaxing massage, essential oils are used that have a proven positive effect on your hormones. We have put together special blends of essential oils that stimulate the yin energy, as well as a number of blends that support the yang energy of your body, depending on which phase you're in or which functions could use some extra support.

Ebrina works on Wednesdays from 1pm to 9pm and on Fridays from 10am to 6pm

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