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the whole universe surrenders - Lao Zi

Welcome to Zi Yuan Ting

Clinic for Women’s Health

Good news: our clinic stays open!
The press conference of December 18, '21 is again a heavy downer for everyone, another hard lockdown, and again so many entrepreneurs who are being hit hard. Our professional association immediately set to work to clarify what this means for our practice.
Since we provide alternative care and fall under the Law Quality, Complaints and Disputes in Healthcare Act (WKKGZ), the conclusion is that our practices may remain open for the provision of care.
This is great news, what a relief!

Your appointment can therefore take place as scheduled . We are happy that we can continue to welcome you!
We wish everyone a lot of strength, courage, and good health!
Team Zi Yuan Ting

Zi Yuan Ting is Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice specialised in the treatment of

gynecological disorders and infertility. We are dedicated to treating you as an individual.

We believe that each woman has a unique pattern of symptoms that requires an individual response.

By using a range of Chinese medicinal therapies like Acupuncture and other modalities including Moxa, Guasha, Cupping and Chinese Herbal therapy, we dedicate ourselves to helping you restore your balance.



Women's Health




Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Cosmetic acupuncture

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Breast cancer support

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