To the mind that is still,

the whole universe surrenders - Lao Zi

Welcome to Zi Yuan Ting

Clinic for Women’s Health


Since March 3rd, our clinic has reopened after the lock-down. We do our best to help as many people as possible. Unfortunately, at the moment our agenda is overbooked and we are not taking any new patients anymore untill may 15th.   If you would like to be on our waiting list, please fill out the contactform. In case you are already on our waiting list, please be patient, we will contact you as soon as there is a spot available in our agenda!


Book a massage!

In addition to Chinese Medicine, we also offer wonderfull massages. There is no waiting list for this. 

Treat yourself to a luxurious massage, your body will thank you after all those Zoom- and Team-hours! Ebrina works with essential oil-blends that will help balancing your hormonal system. Explore the possibilities in our special massage-menu.

See you soon!


Team Zi Yuan Ting

Zi Yuan Ting is Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice specialised in the treatment of

gynecological disorders and infertility. We are dedicated to treating you as an individual.

We believe that each woman has a unique pattern of symptoms that requires an individual response.

By using a range of Chinese medicinal therapies like Acupuncture and other modalities including Moxa, Guasha, Cupping and Chinese Herbal therapy, we dedicate ourselves to helping you restore your balance.



Women's Health




Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Cosmetic acupuncture

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Breast cancer support

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